Saturday, 27 December 2014

Triple Jeopardy at a naught-y price

Ok, so I shouldn't go into a career writing headlines - the world can't take that much cheese.
Check out this limited offer - get your copy of Triple Jeopardy for free in the US or the UK.
Here's what the press says about it.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I'll name that guy in 3.

Your chance to win a book and have your name in print.

Apologies to my lovely colleague Andrea Domanski, who has been running a name that character contest for a while and to the 80's game show spoofed in the title (there is a weak link, I promise). I'm putting out a request for the names of 3 characters and the people who suggest the winning names will each receive a free copy of the sequel to Fox Among Wolves - working title is Sheep in Wolf's Clothing.

Here's what you do:
1. Read the descriptions below and decide which character you have a suitable name for.
2. Add your suggestions to the end of this post. As a tie-breaker, include a physical quirk or unusual mannerism I can add into the character's (small) part.
3. The character's names must be obviously Welsh (first and second name).
4. The names must not be too similar to any of the principal characters:
Caroline, Ginny, Jeremy, Ellie, Nathan & Reg Tremayne,
Bryn Evans, Rick Allen, Dennis Miller, Pete Gallaher, Steve Philips, Frank Williamson, Dale,
Crystal, Sian, Gloria, Megan, Andrea, Jemma, Helen, Rita, Lily, Tegan, Mr Jones, Hastings.

These are the characters:
A) A middle-sized, middle-aged engineering manager with a young wife and baby daughter.

B) A 'mumsy' secretary with a twinkle in her eye and a soft spot for her charges.

C) A factory worker in the early months of her second pregnancy.

Have fun - I am looking forward to to your suggestions and ideas to give these characters an unusual edge.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Slater Rocks the #1 spot!

Oh my goodness - how awesome is this? The day after it's release, Jacky Gray's latest offering is straight in there at number one in the UK Ancient Civilisations Bestsellers list. Totally cool.

And the book? I love this tag line:
Knowledge is dangerous. Only Slater knows the altar stone is wrong.

Here's a little more detail:
Slater is the son of Mason, but he will never be a chip off the old block. Although his father is responsible for maintaining Aveburgh henge, Slater is more interested in learning about the ceremonies held amongst the stones.

Torn from a solstice celebration into a real-life nightmare, Slater's talent for reading ley lines upsets dark forces. Ancient magic pulls him back in time to reveal his connection to primeval secrets. There, he is teased by formidable priestesses who teach him the power of earth energies. Slater’s ability to solve problems under pressure is his strongest weapon against terrifying shamen who want only one thing from him – his death.

He can tell that the ancient stone temples are not built correctly, but what will happen if he interferes with the past?

So go for it by clicking a link to buy in UK for 77p/US for $1.21 - but this offer only lasts until December 1st. If you read it, Jacky will really appreciate if you can post a review on amazon. J

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Blimey, it's all go!

After publishing the first 3 books in the series back in 2011/12, things have been quiet on the Hengist: People of the Horse front.

In a few days, Jacky Gray will be bringing out the 4th book, Slater. Here is a teaser.

Ace does the triple

How proud are the World Wise Writers of our wonderful Andrea Domanski?
To have 3 books in the Amazon bestsellers lists at once - that is some feat.

A touch of the Irish

P.S. I Love You meets Ballykissangel – yummy!
That was the title of my review for this book - the only romance story I've been able to stomach in decades.

 Paula Yourell writes with a gentle elegance that draws you in with its wit, warmth and wisdom.

Her book reached the heady heights of #19 on the Amazon Bestsellers List for Metaphysical Fiction a few days after its release last week. If you like quirky characters in appealing settings dealing with integrity and humour in unusual situations, then this book is perfect for you.

Omega book#3 - Rogue

You can grab yourself a copy of this awesome book by clicking on the links: Rogue US   Rogue UK

I really resonated with this review: "part of Domanski's writing magic comes from her ability to make the supernatural seem so natural, and the impossible so possible."

And here's the start of my review:
"This series is a goldmine if your treasure is plenty of action, adventure and gritty drama with a healthy dose of romance, humour and a supernatural twist. Did I leave anything out? Yep, there's the rocking female characters, the hot men and an intelligent mix of edge-of-seat cliff-hangers, witty banter and credible group dynamics."

How cool is this? After a couple of weeks available on pre-release, Ace's latest book in the Omega series, Rogue jumps straight into the bestsellers list - like a day after the release. Pretty dashed amazing.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Number One Bestseller

If only that were me - but no, this Kudos belongs to one of the World Wide Writer gals - out very own Sho. A.k.a. S. M. Freedman, she has had a wonderful couple of days while her book is available for a crazy $0.99. The result? See for yourself.
So if you haven't already done so, nip over to Amazon and get yourself a copy of this truly amazing story - I promise, you will not regret it.

Just to show how much we support her - every single one of the books listed in the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section is a WWW book. Cool, huh?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Power of Words

I am privileged to be speaking at the Leamington Lightworkers on Monday (8th September and a full moon). The event is at The Odd Fellows Hall, in Leamington Spa (UK), from 7.15 pm - 9.45 pm. Let me know if you need directions.

This interactive session is based on a Creative Writing Therapy I am developing to help people to understand the Power of Words and how it can affect their lives.

Briefly, it will include:

1. The Vibration Frequency of Words: Considering scientific studies that show how words have different energies and how the written/spoken word can change the energy in a room.

2. How different star signs use different phrases according to the characteristics of their ruling planets. Listen to the words you use - is there a common theme?

3. How Oracle/Tarot cards work (including an Angel card reading).

4. How affirmations can re-wire your brain to improve your outlook and the quality of your life.

It's gonna be a blast - I'd love to see you there. ♥♥♥

Monday, 1 September 2014

Need some writing help?

Ok, been a tad busy - one of the fingers in one of the pies has been this.
These interactive courses are only available in the UK - if you are interested in this kind of help and live outside the UK, very shortly, this lind of help will be available online. Watch this space.

If you want to find out more about the course contents, click on Courses.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Big Up to the WWW

This kinda speaks for itself. The World Wise Writer ladies have published 8 bestselling books between them. Kudos, or what?

Friday, 4 July 2014

Just Wow!

Women's Fantasy Fiction 
Ok, so the last 13 weeks have been kinda heavy going, but how worth it? Three books released, all of which have reached the bestsellers lists in both the UK and the US.
Thank you to everyone who has helped (or tolerated) me during this time - I really couldn't have done it without your help.
And extra special thanks to all the wonderful people who have read my books and posted a comment on Amazon.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Patience? My middle name.

But I'm learning. Thanks to you lovely readers, Fox Among Wolves is the third of my books to hit the Amazon bestsellers lists in both the UK and the US. I am humbled. If this is partly your doing, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love you.  ♥♥♥

Monday, 30 June 2014

Fox goes live!!!

Another winner from Rebecca Sterling
Goodness me, am I getting blase about all this? Not at all.
The reason I haven't publicised this release (which happened last Friday) is because it had a few typos. In my bid to axe the "was" infestation down from 1551 to 1030, I introduced half a dozen sillies.

But I reckon I've pretty much found all the nasty little gremlins now - and there was me saying "must do better" when I messed up the Triple Jeopardy release by uploading an old copy. Ok, so I'm not perfect (nowhere near), but at least I've put it right this time before too many people bought it.
For the next week you can get it in the UK for 77p and the US for $1.31.

Anyway, I was looking for a catchy "tweet-style" tag line, like Death Wishes' "Story about a hot angel," when a very lovely lady put a review up entitled: "A romance with muscle." Awesome.

So here we go:
A smart cookie takes on a dark, edgy hero
and a sexy, ruthless villain in this
romance with muscle.

Look ladies - it's got cookies - what's not to like? J

Here's the blurb:
Ginny’s dad had great advice about facing devils head on. ‘Think about the worst thing that could happen and figure out why you’re afraid. Get past that and the rest is easy.’ There was no doubt about her worst fear. Alone in a house with six men, all of whom had just ogled her naked body, it was a complete no-brainer.

When Ginny’s Saturday night bath is interrupted, and her uncle’s house is invaded by the supposed victims of a car crash, the outcome might appear predictable. But nothing is as expected, including the uncle she thought she knew. Ginny endures their attentions as each one is distracted from their covert task, but she seems to have fallen for the rottenest apple in this particular barrel.

With a spicing of international intrigue, blackmail and a bent ex-soldier, Ginny needs every ounce of wit and courage to survive the long weekend of simmering tensions.

When you've read it, I'd really appreciate a comment. Ta JJJ

Friday, 30 May 2014

Patience is a what???

Yet again the universe sees fit to clue me in on half the story, prime me like wound rubber band and set me off in all manner of panicky little activities. When all I really had to do was wait. I don't mind so much when it's only my time and effort that are being wasted, but I get a tad annoyed when other people are caught up in my impatience.  And yet all's well that ends well (as another scribbler who lived not too far away from me once famously quipped).
Kudos to Sho for The Faithful reaching an impressive #21 in the Amazon bestsellers list.
The other lady to reach bestsellers recently was Andrea - she got 2 books into the lists. Truly awesome.
Yay!!! That means 5 of the World Wise Writers are now Bestsellers.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

If you've got it ...

Women's Fantasy Fiction
What the Heck? Never thought I'd see the day.

Not only do I have two books in the Amazon UK bestsellers lists, but someone said this in a review:

"You got this very interesting rhythm going that really catapulted Triple Jeopardy into the category of serious literature. I will confess I was cursing you beneath my breath as I wrote the review saying, 'Why did she call this a smutty romance when it's literature?'
Instead you actually wrote a piece of literature in which you really grappled with the question of what's sex and what's violence and what's the difference between the two? I thought it was interesting and very well done."

Wow. What a day!

Monday, 26 May 2014


That'll teach me to be in too much of a hurry. I accidentally put an old version of Triple Jeopardy up on Thursday, so if you bought it on Friday or Saturday, you will have around 40 more typos in there than there are now, and a couple of missing lines. Sorry.
If you were one of the 13 people that bought an early copy, I'm negotiating with Ammy to get this done as an automatic update, but right now it's Memorial Weekend (like a bank holiday), so it may take a while. If you don't wanna wait, you can always return your copy and buy it again - the current version has all the corrections (and a nice piccie of Danny's Mirror).
Must try to do better next time.
Must try to do better next time.
Must try to do better next time.
You get the picture.

Friday, 23 May 2014

PSSST! Wanna know a secret?

Just because you are so wonderful and I love you so much, my latest offering Triple Jeopardy is available for a limited time on Amazon UK for 77p and Amazon US for $1.29. This ain't a lot to pay to spend some quality time with three lovely ladies and their rather precarious adventures. We're not talking about the tree-climbing and dinghy-sailing type either. Hang on a sec, in the first book we actually are. Ok, so it may start off all sweet and cute, but if you turn to page 13 it gets pretty dark.

One of the first questions people ask me when I tell them I'm a writer is "Do you have a 50 Shades story?" Until now, my answer has always been no, but when I was looking back through some of my very early stories, I realised that I had something that came pretty close. So here it is - I mean they are - in case you haven't guessed, it's three short stories in one book. That's three times the sexual tension. Nuff said.

Triple Jeopardy - Three girls, three decades, one outcome. These heroines have one thing in common – they attract trouble.

Tina’s Dilemma - Would you tell your best friend? 

Underneath Justin’s Greek God exterior is a dark bully. Tina has suffered twice at his hands and now he’s about to marry her former best friend. She is faced with a choice – ruin the wedding and risk a friendship or let Chloe marry the wrong man.

Teacher’s Pet – Where does it say “feel free to take advantage”? 

Vicky’s passionate opinion in class attracts unwanted attention from the local rugby hero, whose mates are just plain loud. But they are exactly who she needs when Dr Parr decides to educate her about more than just Economics.

Date Rape – When play-acting stops being a game. 

Kent Adams was different to Cassie’s normal dates – this one was a keeper. Erudite, worldly and six foot of pure, knee-trembling muscle, he shares her passion for opera and takes her to Shakespeare’s very own theatre in Stratford. But a combination of misread signals and dark yearnings culminate in the worst night of her life.

When you've read it, I'd really appreciate a comment. Ta J

Thunder the Paperback - at last!

Phew! This one took a while, but you can now get your sticky little mitts on an actual paperback copy of this awesome book form Amazon UK and US.

So, what are you waiting for? Off you go, read, enjoy, write a review and then come back here to discover more awesome books for you to enjoy.

Oh and just so you know, the kindle version reached #26 in the Amazon bestsellers for Children's Sword and Sorcery Fantasy books only 2 days after it was released. So it's not just me who thinks it's awesome.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

By Thunder, it's a talking Horse

Goodness me, what a month May is turning out to be. This is the third brand-new shiny debut novel from one of the lovely World Wise Writers.
If you like multi-faceted adventure stories filled with fairy-tale fantasy worlds filled with magical characters (think Narnia, 10th Kingdom, Labyrinth) then you need to click on this link as soon as possible - if not sooner.
If you need a little more convincing, you can read an excerpt, or find out what people are saying about Thunder.

Here's the skinny:
When fifteen-year-old Olivia Williams and her two younger brothers wake up from a car crash, they’re positive their world has changed. The talking horse is a big clue. And he has a lot to say. According to Thunder, fairies, magic and good ol’ St Nick are all for real. On some level. Which would be incredibly awesome, but there’s a problem. A rift has formed between the layers of existence, and the evil Sliders are taking advantage of it—bringing violence, fear and hatred with them.

Now the three siblings are immersed in a tangle of reality and fantasy. One with trolls, freakish amphibians ... and town-devouring rats. Fortunately, help is on hand as Thunder introduces them to a world of Shifters and other powerful beings. Like Olivia’s very own Guardian, Ethan. Whom she actually does like. A lot. How could she not, when his job is to stand between her and death?

With humanity at stake, the Williams children must do more than accept the unbelievable. They must accomplish the impossible. The rift needs to be sealed and they’re the only people alive with the potential to do it.

Oh, and when you have read it, Hannah sure would appreciate a comment on Amazon. Ta J

Thursday, 8 May 2014

You know the battle was worth it when ...

... after you defeated the Goblin King and all his minions, your book reaches the dizzy heights of #26 in the Amazon Bestseller charts.
Congrats JD - isn't that worth all those hours of frustrated mutterings at the dark offspring emanating from the evil Tower of Microsoft?

They have no power over you. Repeat after me:
"You have no power over me!"

Mirrored Time defeats the goblins

When you get to end of an enduring battle, you know the achievement is all the stronger. Despite curve ball after curve ball, JD Faulkner has prevailed and her incredible book Mirrored Time is now available on kindle and as a paperback. I strongly recommend you check it out - if my word isn't enough, read an excerpt on her blog and see what other people have said about it. Also, you can follow her progress through the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award - she's currently a quarter finalist. it also gives you the option to download the 1st 16 pages for free. Here's the blurb:

First it was water.
Then blood.
And finally smoke.

Gwen Conway never knew there were so many ways to die. Honestly, it was something she would have been happy not knowing.

Maybe, they really are just dreams. Nightmares. But they won’t stop. And dreaming of her death is getting old. Then there’s the sleepwalking. She’d like to pass on that too.

Gwen’s pretty sure the dreams have something to do with her new job. Which of course, is definitely not just a ‘job.’

Don’t get her wrong, working for the Archiver of the Time Streams has its perks. Having the power to travel to any past or future time is fantastic. Plus, there’s Rafe, the ex-gladiator from the future. She’d like to keep him around too. Not that she would tell him that. It’d go straight to his head.

But she’s less than pleased to find herself in the middle of a time travelers’ war. Especially against a crazed half-god who has the power to obliterate the existence of any time or place. And the Guardians, her so called allies? All the help they offer is strict rules and smug superiority. Plus, they seem convinced she’s already lost, that she’s already died.

Gwen is starting to wonder whether she should have read her employment contract more carefully.

Oh, and when you have read it, JD sure would appreciate a comment on Amazon. Ta J

Monday, 5 May 2014

Okay, I'll Stop Now.

I promise. This is the last time I'll publish these ego-stroking stats (unless of course, I reach number 1. As if.)
Death Wishes did actually make it into the top 20 of the Amazon UK Bestsellers list for Women's Fantasy Fiction - it peaked at #12.

At that point it was ranked 6,672 overall in the UK. That is pretty amazing - self-pubbed books normally languish around the 1 million mark.

 For those of you who like numbers, have a look at the time and date stamp. Lots of magical number 5's going on. Yeah, I know, dead geeky, but hey - Math Teacher in the house.

Thanks once again to all those people I tracked down and harried like a Terrior with a bone. I won't forget you when it goes viral!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Lovely UK Readers

What can I say? After a day spent pleading, cajoling and calling in favours from friends and family all over the country, Death Wishes has made a phenominal leap up the Amazon UK Bestsellers list for Women's Fantasy Fiction from #67 to #21. And a similar leap from #76 to #28 for Women's Action and Adventure. I'm kinda feeling that the all important top 20 is within reach.
That's when the magic really starts to happen.

I have sent out a few more emails and my fingers are tightly crossed. Strangely enough, I'm asking the Angels to help me out here. So far, they've done a stunning job. Just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought my book, both sides if the pond and even a lovely Spanish person - I sincerely hope you enjoyed my naughty little story, and if all those who bought it can write a review, it will help to keep me in that bestsellers list for a few more days.

If you did enjoy Death Wishes and would like to read books with a similar level of craftsmanship (although very different topics),
I can thoroughly recommend the following:
The Faithful by S.M.Freedman: Non-psychics are cockroaches. I Fidele are the exterminators.
Crossfire by Andrea Domanski: Once a normal teenage girl, now an Amazon warrior. Add in a bunch of kick-ass preternaturals and one maniacal demi-god and what have you got? The worst birthday ever!

Well worth a read.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Amazon Bestseller? Really?

I'm struggling to contain my excitement.

Thanks to some amazing friends, for a fleeting hour, Death Wishes was at number 56 in the US Amazon bestseller list for Women's Fantasy Fiction and 65 for Women's Action and Adventure. How cool is that? I've never been on a bestseller list before and 56 is amazing!

On the UK lists it was 67 for Women's Fantasy Fiction and 76 for Women's Action and Adventure - must be harder to get on the list in the UK - the overall ranking was 105,774 in the UK, 76,014 in the US. Do we read/buy more books in the UK? Surely not. Go Figure.

Pleased I am.
Off to send a few more emails to chums.

Death Wishes Reviews

How incredible is this? DW has only been out two days and it has four 5* reviews. As a very dear friend of mine would say, it's Awesomesauce. Here they are:

Wow! This is a great read! Ms. Green writes with sass and fantastic British humour. And what a great concept! A woman dies before she's supposed to, and causes chaos in heaven. Ms. Green's take on heaven is refreshing and new, it's very much like a typical office with all the politics, snarky attitude, and angels trying not to piss off "The Big Guy", and is totally relatable and hilarious.

And then we have the super hot angel, Machidiel, the "new guy" who gets thrust into the spotlight as he fights for Jo's life, and has to fight against his growing attraction to Jo when he gets sent to earth to help her fulfill her bucket list.

Full of heat, sass and humour, Death Wishes is a fantastic must read. Seriously. MUST. READ. :)

What do I have to do to get a hot guardian angel? Just let me know, and I will get right on that. But first, I gotta review this fantastic book. 

Let me say this: I pretty much NEVER cry. But the end of this book had me fighting off a serious case of happy tears. The characters Ms Green has created are so loveable and so real, that by the end, you will feel like you are reading a story about your best friend. Her humor sparkles, her passion sizzles and her image of the bureaucracy of Heaven is truly unique (and hilarious). I don't care if I'm talking in cliches: This book deserves all the good ones!

It's a fun, great read that still gives you thoughts to ponder. A beach read with some bite? A rainy day story with a nice touch of heat?

What else can I say: I love it!

One of your 10 things better be reading this book!
This was a wonderfully written and humorous spin on heaven (with ultra-modern technology, people!) and an English Maths teacher. And an angel to die for. The character of Jo Gold is so well developed, I felt like I was reading about a dear friend. I was by her side during her life's ups and downs, her struggles and triumphs, and her passions and breakthroughs. Ms. Green depicted the humor and romance and longing in such a real but completely fantastical way. A great read, balancing both light and deep moments and surprises that keep you guessing. Buy it, read it, review it!

With all of the originality that Rowanna Green readers have come to love, DEATH WISHES takes readers on a journey to the afterlife, where things are almost nothing like you might have imagined them. Combining a one of a kind story with her masterful control of the English language, Ms. Green has added another stroke of genius to a tapestry already filled with bright hues of brilliant fiction. DEATH WISH will be certain to keep readers of smart fiction entertained for generations to come.

Thank you dear readers, your kind words make me blush. ♥♥♥

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Death Wishes is Live and Rocking

Yep people, just cannot help myself with the cliches.J
When we were playing with the back of book blurb, the World Wise Writers and I came up with this tag line:
This is a about a hot angel and temptation. Just buy it. You know you want to.

Also, we were looking for a "tweet" length blurb - this is slightly longer, but you get the idea:
When Jo Gold dies, all Hell lets loose in Heaven; she must live 'til her bucket list is fulfilled. Who better to help than a rookie guardian angel? Think Coke Break guy with wings. Yummy!

For a limited time only, this scrummy story will be available on Amazon UK for 77p and Amazon US for $1.29. This ain't a lot to pay to spend some quality time in the arms of an Angel.

When you've read it, I'd really appreciate a comment. Ta J

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

And the winner is ...

... all of us actually. The WorldWiseWriters group are proud to announce that two of their members have made it through to the Quarterfinals of the ABNA competition (where we all met).
I'll keep you posted.
Jennelle's Mirrored time is in the Sci-fi/Fantasy category, Shoshona's The Faithful is in  Mystery/Thriller.

Congratulations to you both - total Kudos!

These Girls Rock like a Journey Concert

To find out more about them, check out their sites.

Andrea Domanski is an Amazonian Wonder Woman with a wonderful heroine Mirissa:

Once a normal teenage girl, now an Amazon warrior.  Add in a bunch of kick-ass preternaturals and one maniacal demi-god and what have you got?  The worst birthday ever!

Hannah Sullivan is a Fabulous Artist whose amazing heroine Olivia started life in stories she told her children:

A rift between the layers of the world. A talking horse. Evil Sliders. What's a girl to do when she's the only one who can save it all?

Jennelle Faulkner can wield an axe better than anyone I know. Her delightful heroine Gwen has her work cut out:

New jobs aren't supposed to be this hard. Crazy half-gods, time travelers and ex-gladiator thieves? Unemployment never looked so good.

Shoshona Freedman could give up her day job and become a web designer. Her troubled heroine Ryanne/Rowan shares the mike with a couple of others in this complex thriller:

Non-psychics are cockroaches. I Fidele are the exterminators.

Jacky Gray spends most of her time in the company of knights in shining armour, archers and pagans playing with sharp pointy things. As does her hero Archer:

Mmmm. Shoot an apple off his friend’s head or lose his food, horse and clothes? Some decisions require little thought.