Sunday, 23 November 2014

Slater Rocks the #1 spot!

Oh my goodness - how awesome is this? The day after it's release, Jacky Gray's latest offering is straight in there at number one in the UK Ancient Civilisations Bestsellers list. Totally cool.

And the book? I love this tag line:
Knowledge is dangerous. Only Slater knows the altar stone is wrong.

Here's a little more detail:
Slater is the son of Mason, but he will never be a chip off the old block. Although his father is responsible for maintaining Aveburgh henge, Slater is more interested in learning about the ceremonies held amongst the stones.

Torn from a solstice celebration into a real-life nightmare, Slater's talent for reading ley lines upsets dark forces. Ancient magic pulls him back in time to reveal his connection to primeval secrets. There, he is teased by formidable priestesses who teach him the power of earth energies. Slater’s ability to solve problems under pressure is his strongest weapon against terrifying shamen who want only one thing from him – his death.

He can tell that the ancient stone temples are not built correctly, but what will happen if he interferes with the past?

So go for it by clicking a link to buy in UK for 77p/US for $1.21 - but this offer only lasts until December 1st. If you read it, Jacky will really appreciate if you can post a review on amazon. J

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