How exciting is this? The fabulous Rebecca Sterling has created a truly Scrumptious cover,  check out her website - she is a gifted artist and a dream to work with.

Women's Fantasy Fiction
Death Wishes is now live and a real bargain. This scrummy story is availble on Amazon UK for £2.07p and Amazon US for $2.99. This ain't a lot to pay to spend some quality time in the arms of an Angel.

When you've read it, I'd really appreciate a comment. Ta J

Here is a little extract to give you an idea of what my poor, troubled angel has to go through.

If you've never seen the Coke Break advert, watch it first.

    ‘Ambriel, help me out here. I can’t do this job in this skin. I felt like I’d been dipped in chocolate or something – some of those women were positively salivating.’ Mac flung himself into the chair, the draft caused by his action scattered papers over the floor. He bent to pick them up, missing his friend’s grin.
    'I watched the clip. Reminded me of the Coke break advert. They were pretty much undressing you with their eyes, no matter how professional they tried to look. And yes, lips were definitely licked.’
    ‘Gee thanks buddy. Good of you to wrap me up like a helpless lamb and toss me into a pack of starving hyenas.’
    ‘Sorry mate, no way was that the intention. We wanted something Jo would find irresistible – I never imagined it would have the same effect on all the other women.’ Ambriel pulled up the specification they’d used to create the Mike persona. Photos filled the screen. ‘Correct me if I’m right, but you came up with these suggestions, right?’
    ‘Yeah. Based on a conversation between Cassiel and Gabriel. They were suggesting a “new boy at the firm” theme.’
    ‘So you went for Hugh Jackman in “Kate & Leopold,” Brad Pitt in “Meet Joe Black” and Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing.” Really?’
    Mac’s face showed confusion. ‘Yes. I watched a bit of each one – they all had “Fish out of Water” scenes where …’
    ‘I get what a fish out of water is and I would agree with that epithet for those three but Heath Ledger in “Knight’s Tale”?’
    ‘He was a peasant trying to be of noble birth.’
    ‘Okay, we’ll give you that one. What about Nick Cage in “Moonstruck?” How does that fit?’
    ‘Ah – well the theory falls down a bit there unless you just take the opera scene.’
    ‘Still it is a similar effect. And how exactly did you arrive at these particular choices?’
    ‘That was easy. I based it on her top five most watched movies.’
    ‘Aye and there’s the rub. Those characters are so appealing, 80% of women will have at least three of those in their top five movies.’
    'Your point being?’
    ‘Is it any wonder you had a roomful of women wanting more than to discuss business with you?’
    ‘Terrific. There must be something you can do. This passion suppression thing – is there something you can do to suppress their passion?’
    ‘Not really, I can only affect your settings, not theirs. However I could try tweaking it up a bit. Hang on a sec … oh.’
    ‘That can’t be right.’
    Mac heard a frantic clicking as Ambriel scanned through several screens at a great pace, checking options. ‘Is something wrong?’
    ‘Wrong? No, not at all. Nothing wrong. Just that we seem to have hit a maximum with the five different characters. That could be why the passion suppression isn’t working as well as it might. Leave it with me, I’ll tweak it a bit – come back in an hour and we’ll do the top-up dose.’
    Mac’s eyes narrowed. He wasn’t brilliant at reading body language; was Ambriel hiding something?

What do you think? Would that make you want to find out more? Let me know.

Here's some tweet-sized quotes to tease you more:


  1. Well I'm definitely looking forward to this! Oh 'Meet Joe Black,' maybe I'll go wet my teeth on that so I don't die of anticipation before this comes out.

  2. Thank you for the kind words - it's been great working with you! I look forward to reading your book. :)