Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Omega book#3 - Rogue

You can grab yourself a copy of this awesome book by clicking on the links: Rogue US   Rogue UK

I really resonated with this review: "part of Domanski's writing magic comes from her ability to make the supernatural seem so natural, and the impossible so possible."

And here's the start of my review:
"This series is a goldmine if your treasure is plenty of action, adventure and gritty drama with a healthy dose of romance, humour and a supernatural twist. Did I leave anything out? Yep, there's the rocking female characters, the hot men and an intelligent mix of edge-of-seat cliff-hangers, witty banter and credible group dynamics."

How cool is this? After a couple of weeks available on pre-release, Ace's latest book in the Omega series, Rogue jumps straight into the bestsellers list - like a day after the release. Pretty dashed amazing.

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