Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Lovely UK Readers

What can I say? After a day spent pleading, cajoling and calling in favours from friends and family all over the country, Death Wishes has made a phenominal leap up the Amazon UK Bestsellers list for Women's Fantasy Fiction from #67 to #21. And a similar leap from #76 to #28 for Women's Action and Adventure. I'm kinda feeling that the all important top 20 is within reach.
That's when the magic really starts to happen.

I have sent out a few more emails and my fingers are tightly crossed. Strangely enough, I'm asking the Angels to help me out here. So far, they've done a stunning job. Just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought my book, both sides if the pond and even a lovely Spanish person - I sincerely hope you enjoyed my naughty little story, and if all those who bought it can write a review, it will help to keep me in that bestsellers list for a few more days.

If you did enjoy Death Wishes and would like to read books with a similar level of craftsmanship (although very different topics),
I can thoroughly recommend the following:
The Faithful by S.M.Freedman: Non-psychics are cockroaches. I Fidele are the exterminators.
Crossfire by Andrea Domanski: Once a normal teenage girl, now an Amazon warrior. Add in a bunch of kick-ass preternaturals and one maniacal demi-god and what have you got? The worst birthday ever!

Well worth a read.

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