Saturday, 3 May 2014

Death Wishes Reviews

How incredible is this? DW has only been out two days and it has four 5* reviews. As a very dear friend of mine would say, it's Awesomesauce. Here they are:

Wow! This is a great read! Ms. Green writes with sass and fantastic British humour. And what a great concept! A woman dies before she's supposed to, and causes chaos in heaven. Ms. Green's take on heaven is refreshing and new, it's very much like a typical office with all the politics, snarky attitude, and angels trying not to piss off "The Big Guy", and is totally relatable and hilarious.

And then we have the super hot angel, Machidiel, the "new guy" who gets thrust into the spotlight as he fights for Jo's life, and has to fight against his growing attraction to Jo when he gets sent to earth to help her fulfill her bucket list.

Full of heat, sass and humour, Death Wishes is a fantastic must read. Seriously. MUST. READ. :)

What do I have to do to get a hot guardian angel? Just let me know, and I will get right on that. But first, I gotta review this fantastic book. 

Let me say this: I pretty much NEVER cry. But the end of this book had me fighting off a serious case of happy tears. The characters Ms Green has created are so loveable and so real, that by the end, you will feel like you are reading a story about your best friend. Her humor sparkles, her passion sizzles and her image of the bureaucracy of Heaven is truly unique (and hilarious). I don't care if I'm talking in cliches: This book deserves all the good ones!

It's a fun, great read that still gives you thoughts to ponder. A beach read with some bite? A rainy day story with a nice touch of heat?

What else can I say: I love it!

One of your 10 things better be reading this book!
This was a wonderfully written and humorous spin on heaven (with ultra-modern technology, people!) and an English Maths teacher. And an angel to die for. The character of Jo Gold is so well developed, I felt like I was reading about a dear friend. I was by her side during her life's ups and downs, her struggles and triumphs, and her passions and breakthroughs. Ms. Green depicted the humor and romance and longing in such a real but completely fantastical way. A great read, balancing both light and deep moments and surprises that keep you guessing. Buy it, read it, review it!

With all of the originality that Rowanna Green readers have come to love, DEATH WISHES takes readers on a journey to the afterlife, where things are almost nothing like you might have imagined them. Combining a one of a kind story with her masterful control of the English language, Ms. Green has added another stroke of genius to a tapestry already filled with bright hues of brilliant fiction. DEATH WISH will be certain to keep readers of smart fiction entertained for generations to come.

Thank you dear readers, your kind words make me blush. ♥♥♥

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