Wednesday, 21 May 2014

By Thunder, it's a talking Horse

Goodness me, what a month May is turning out to be. This is the third brand-new shiny debut novel from one of the lovely World Wise Writers.
If you like multi-faceted adventure stories filled with fairy-tale fantasy worlds filled with magical characters (think Narnia, 10th Kingdom, Labyrinth) then you need to click on this link as soon as possible - if not sooner.
If you need a little more convincing, you can read an excerpt, or find out what people are saying about Thunder.

Here's the skinny:
When fifteen-year-old Olivia Williams and her two younger brothers wake up from a car crash, they’re positive their world has changed. The talking horse is a big clue. And he has a lot to say. According to Thunder, fairies, magic and good ol’ St Nick are all for real. On some level. Which would be incredibly awesome, but there’s a problem. A rift has formed between the layers of existence, and the evil Sliders are taking advantage of it—bringing violence, fear and hatred with them.

Now the three siblings are immersed in a tangle of reality and fantasy. One with trolls, freakish amphibians ... and town-devouring rats. Fortunately, help is on hand as Thunder introduces them to a world of Shifters and other powerful beings. Like Olivia’s very own Guardian, Ethan. Whom she actually does like. A lot. How could she not, when his job is to stand between her and death?

With humanity at stake, the Williams children must do more than accept the unbelievable. They must accomplish the impossible. The rift needs to be sealed and they’re the only people alive with the potential to do it.

Oh, and when you have read it, Hannah sure would appreciate a comment on Amazon. Ta J

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