Friday, 30 May 2014

Patience is a what???

Yet again the universe sees fit to clue me in on half the story, prime me like wound rubber band and set me off in all manner of panicky little activities. When all I really had to do was wait. I don't mind so much when it's only my time and effort that are being wasted, but I get a tad annoyed when other people are caught up in my impatience.  And yet all's well that ends well (as another scribbler who lived not too far away from me once famously quipped).
Kudos to Sho for The Faithful reaching an impressive #21 in the Amazon bestsellers list.
The other lady to reach bestsellers recently was Andrea - she got 2 books into the lists. Truly awesome.
Yay!!! That means 5 of the World Wise Writers are now Bestsellers.

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