Monday, 1 February 2016

Who Stole January?

Normally, I blame it on ABNA, but yet again there wasn't one this year.
Nope, January was sacrificed on the altar of finishing a book. Big Bad Wolf, the third in the Hostage trilogy was a long time reaching the final post. Almost a year since 16th Feb 2015, but what a year!

Partly it's to do with not wanting to finish with these characters. I have loved living with them for so long; I first met Ginny in the late 70's when I was still in my teens. She's had a few makeovers since then to become the much wiser (and more worldly-wise) character who's finally laying to rest that peach-flavoured bath which got interrupted all those years ago. Although in her time-line, it's only a few months.

 So, after completing the last scene on 24th January @ 12:44pm, I've spent an intense week trying to fix everything I broke when I wrote it. I'd just like to give a huge shout-out to my editor, Hannah Sullivan, for pointing out the obvious and helping me to re-structure and tighten. We've lost dirty-great wedges of back-story where this host of new voices up to the mic detailed their side of things in the previous two operations my ramshackle SAS team went through.
Thanks guys, good to know, but can we have some forward motion please? That's the trouble with co-stars who get boosted up to starring roles. They think you need to know about their journey to the top. Of course some bits are interesting, but come on guys, keep it short and sweet.

 Ok, back to the sword-work. Thought I'd give you a bit of a teaser by revealing some of the fabulous cover the wonderful Rebecca Sterling has got going on. Can you guess which country they end up in? What would I do without these magical, talented ladies around me?

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