Sunday, 28 February 2016

3J Teaser - Cassie

So, here's some one-liners from Triple Jeopardy to whet your appetite. This "fun and engrossing read" will be FREE today, 28th February. Download in US or UK

Triple Jeopardy: Date Rape

Cassie jumped as the doorbell grated out its demanding buzz. If there had been any wine in the glass, she’d be looking at a big red stain on the beige carpet right now. Damn you, whoever you are – please go before he gets here.

This was a bit too weird. She didn’t normally do weird without intoxicants. The half glass of wine didn’t count – it was still caught on the M25 of her under-nourished arteries – not even within shopping centre distance of her grey matter yet.

Again with the courtesy, holding the car door open while her legs refused to do the elegant sliding-into-the-seat thing actresses and models achieved with no effort.

Cassie refused to shrivel in the heat of her own embarrassment. Breathe. Centre. Let’s try for a new start. What is it they say? Something about ‘the most interesting conversationalists are the ones who let you talk about yourself.’ We’ll try that.

“I’m sorry, that seat’s taken.” And even if it weren’t, you’re definitely not welcome.
“I know, I’ve just taken it,” he grunted, pleased with his own wit.

Kent’s grin backed up his wry comment. “She certainly seems to be able to take care of herself; obviously went to the same self-defence class you did.”

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