Saturday, 27 February 2016

3J Teaser - Vicky

So, here's some one-liners from Triple Jeopardy to whet your appetite. If you want to know more, this "fun and engrossing read" will be FREE tomorrow, 28th February.
If you can't wait, buy it in US for $3.99, in UK for £2.81

Triple Jeopardy: Teacher's Pet

His vibrant presence dominated the room. Vicky wondered what made him so charismatic. Not looks: long limbed, scrawny and untidy.

Panic clutched at her limbs, dried her mouth & constricted her throat. It must be her turn; she’d barely said a word since the first lesson.

Vicky lifted her head for a split second. His eyes sparkled maliciously. She felt blood rushing to her cheeks, acting as a red rag to a bull.

The boy in front whispered, ‘Who’s a clever girl?’ She just caught her childish tongue before it stuck itself out at him. #college #romance

Drawn as she was to hands, she was surprised when, instead of the short, thick fingers she was expecting, his were long and elegant.

“You were in the top ten most wanted totty in freshers’ week last year. Sorry, that’s the ten most desirable new females.” #as_if_moment

She shouted for help. He laughed nastily. ”You don’t need any help, you’re doing fine, and anyway, there isn’t a soul for miles.”

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