Friday, 26 February 2016

3J Teaser - Tina

So, here's some one-liners from Triple Jeopardy to whet your appetite. If you want to know more, watch this space for announcement of the deal.
If you can't wait, buy it in US for $3.99, in UK for £2.81

Triple Jeopardy: Tina's Dilemma

Chloe was a delightful child: petite with a delicate, rosy-cheeked beauty, topped by golden curls any Miss Pears would have been proud of.

Justin: Tall, slim and obviously in charge. The sun raised highlights in his blond hair, giving him the appearance of a young Greek god.

Danny was vaguely familiar. Taller than me, dark haired and stocky, with spotty skin and a moody frown which made him appear tough.

Before the challenge was out, he leapt across the stream, knocking me to the ground. We rolled over as I struggled to fend off his punches.

Danny realised what was going on and pulled his mate off me shouting, “Stop it Justin, she’s a girl.”
“Doesn’t look much like one to me.”

In my dream, I was a slim, beautiful princess rescued by a prince. It wasn’t Justin, but a strong, handsome Danny who bent to kiss me.

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