Sunday, 6 December 2015

Advent Deals from the wWw

This is pretty cool - I'll be updating every few days, so here's a couple in advance.

Click on the links below to preview the books - even if you miss the deal, they are still a cracking good read at incredible value for money.

11th Dec: Rowanna Green's Fox Among Wolves is FREE UK

10th Dec: Last day of Andrea Domanski's Omega Series at knock-down prices
Crossfire UK
Greco UK
Rogue UK
Pandora UK

9th Dec: Jacky Gray's Rory is FREE UK

8th Dec: Andrea Domanski's Chaos is Released at a knock-down price

7th Dec: Rowanna Green's Triple Jeopardy is FREE UK

6th Dec: Rowanna Green's Death Wishes is FREE UK

5th Dec: Jacky Gray's Slater is FREE

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