Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Triple Jeopardy - a naughty book at a naughty price

Yeah, I know, it's getting old, but it's late and I'm very tired. Been hanging wallpaper til 10pm every night this week.

For 19-20th November, this “well-written, humorous and insightful work about contemporary life in the United Kingdom” is available to download for FREE in US and UK. So you can read three tales of different girls, set in the rockin' 70's, big-hair 80's and booming 90's.

But that's not the end of it. Another Amazon reviewer said: “Although each story is separate and has it's own characters (and decade) there is a similar theme to all of them - relationships gone horribly wrong. I wish there were two more stories to bring it to this decade. It is definitely a theme that has teeth.

Which set my mind off wandering to a particular event which made my decade (you gotta love the naughties - 2000-2009). With a working title of "An Englishwoman in New York," you probably get the idea. Watch out for more news coming soon.

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