Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - is live

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
- cover by Rebecca Sterling
Hostage #2:Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

This thought-provoking story is available on Amazon UK for 99p and Amazon US for 99cents from April 1st-13th
Here's the tag line:
A fragile mum clashes with an irreverent man-mountain under hazardous circumstances in this edgy romance.

When you've read it, I'd really appreciate a comment. Ta J

This book doesn't pull any punches, dealing with some hard-hitting issues like incest, rape and eating disorders. Not the nicest topics to research, nor to write about. What I'm hoping is that if you have had any experience with these issues and think I have not been accurate or fair, you will let me know, in the first instance, by leaving a comment here.

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