Thursday, 23 April 2015

My Soul Gently Weeps

Hannah Sullivan has just published this incredibly moving story of her experience of the kind of thing no parent should ever have to go through - the death of a child. But no part of this story is depressing or mawkish - this is one of the most uplifting tales of courage I have ever read.
I strongly recommend you hop over to Amazon now and get your copy - at a mere $3.49 in the US and £2.33 in the UK, this is well worth every penny.

Here's the blurb:
Suppose you have a teacher who knows the secret of life. A teacher who can show you what it takes to live to the fullest, to love until your heart bleeds out—to have it all, and then to let it all go. Now, suppose your teacher is only five weeks old.

When the Sullivans are told their unborn child has a congenital heart defect, they have no idea where the news will lead them. Their dreams of bedtime cuddles and soft baby coos give way to the incessant beeping of hospital machinery and the sharp smell of antiseptic. With two young children in tow, the uprooted family takes an unexpected journey discovering the truth of love, sorrow, and ultimately, the gift of life.

This true story—comprised of journal entries, letters, and emails—is the legacy of one small boy’s lifetime. Just one thing. You may need to have a tissue (or twenty) handy.

And just in case you're still not convinced, this book is selling like hotcakes:

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