Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Kudos, already?

I'm just showing off now. My fabulous street team have been sending in some of their thoughts about the new improved Triple Jeopardy. Not to be confused with an earlier book of the same name, this is three brand new saucy short stories, featuring a leonine (that's just the hair) ingénue, Lexie, who seems to fall into more than her fair share of saucy adventures. Here's some wonderful comments:

Kudos for Triple Jeopardy by Ro Green

Whimsical, hot stories with addictive twists
Short stories are a hard art form, and I admire it very much when someone does it masterfully; it is like hearing a beautiful piece of music played. Each of these short stories was an easy read; beautifully written, on the literary side, hitting every note just right. I love the sly twists at the end and I love the idea of Lexie going about her work or tooling around in her car having these crazy sex-escapes. It really is whimsical as well as hot. That, as far as I can tell, is unique to Ms Green’s particular brand of 'steamy.'

Enchanting, innocent, and sexy.
These stories have a gentleness to them: sexy as can be, but enjoyable, and the endings make me want more. I can totally tell this is written from a different time frame (the way people looked at things then). The first, "Lexie's Awakening" indicates what a lot of people go through in their minds, questioning if they like what’s being said to them and how it makes them feel.

Sexy, dark, and thrilling!
In these short, hot teasers, Rowanna Green conveys the idea of pleasure for pleasure's sake. These stories explore secret desires and allow us to glimpse situations that could fulfill those dark fantasies. These are not love stories. They are fun, hot and exciting. Each short adventure grips you and you cannot put it down. If you enjoy adventurous pleasure exploration books, with a hint of non-con, then these stories are for you.

Hot, funny and compelling.
I enjoyed the characters, especially Lexie – that red skirt! The stories are so well written, I read them back to back. Although they are hot, they could have been more explicit, especially the second one, No Gentleman. I did not want to put them down - I had to read to the end.

Really great story.
I like the idea of this story, and I really liked the characters. I love how Sandy was smart enough to know that she was being manipulated, but was so sure of her self-worth that she knew when enough was enough and she was strong enough to walk away from a powerful man, especially in the time it was set (late 80's).

Modern office stories; too tame to be steamy.
I enjoyed the first story but felt the last two fell short of the mark; as though trying for light erotica but not quite getting there. I feel all the stories have further to go; it's almost like they were cut into chunks but they need more. I'm also not a fan of the level of pressure that Sandy was put under in No Gentleman while withholding the true depth of the plan from her.

As you can see, a mixed reaction from erotica fans, but hopefully it will let you know if these stories are at the right level for you. Still not sure if it's right for you? Read an extract

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