Sunday, 30 April 2017

Naughty Nibbles - a free sexy short story

Working Girl

One motel room

Two consenting adults

You can guess the rest

     She took a deep breath and pushed the door open, not quite knowing what to expect.
     He sat on the bed, smoking a cigarette in the quiet, dimly-lit room. ‘You’re late.’ Terse and unfriendly.
     ‘I’m sorry …’ she began.
     ‘There’s no time for your excuses. Just take your coat off and we’ll get started.’
     Moments later, she stood before him, looking suitably chastened. ‘What would you like me to do?’
     ‘You said you were a dancer ... so dance.’
     ‘But there’s no music.’
     ‘So you’ll have to do without.’ His voice held the same hardness as his expression, making her shiver.
     She tried desperately to recall a tune; the first one that sprang to mind was Joe Cocker singing “You Can Leave Your Hat On,” from the movie “Nine and a Half Weeks.” Casting away the naughty images, she made tentative movements, her face glowing with embarrassment, her eyes pleading for mercy.
     But he was having none of it. Reaching over to stub out the cigarette, he spoke quietly. ‘Strip.’
     She stood, frozen in shock, her eyes wide. ‘What?’
     ‘You heard me.’ His voice growled with menace. ‘And do it properly. Put on a show.’ 

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Did you see it coming?

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