Monday, 2 May 2016

Kudos for Death Wishes

Those wonderful Book Viral reviewers think this book has "a genuinely original twist to Heaven that's simply sublime." I'm celebrating with a cheeky little offer - check it out with this massive 40% discount and see if you agree: Buy for $2.99 in US and UK.
Read the full review here.

Tantalisingly teasing, Rowanna Green rides the crest of the boom in angel stories with her novel Death Wishes. An offbeat love story told in Green's imitable style, the book's overarching theme about angels, people and love, is undeniably appealing and is the heartfelt centre to Green’s plot. She brings a touching vulnerability to Jo, whilst her nicely nuanced rendering of Mac allows for a quirky perspective on human life. Often easier said than done, Green comes up with inventive ways to work this into her narrative with timely levity and a genuinely original twist to Heaven that's simply sublime. It’s a story about two people whose different backgrounds present a serious obstacle and it's this that really provides the texture for Green’s novel.

A little different from her popular Hostage series, but wholly enjoyable, Death Wishes certainly deserves a place on your bookshelf and is strongly recommended.

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