Sunday, 28 June 2015

Glass of red, anyone?

So what do you do after suffering the emotional wringer of a weekend promo? Yep, the title's a huge clue - or is it just the glass that's huge?

And the universe was on my side, with the sun beating down, enticing me to step away from the sizzling keyboard.

Trouble is, you can only twirl the glass, drink in the beauty of an English country garden and listen to birdsong for so long ...

Then it's business as normal. Out comes the ipod (3 day's worth of mostly rock with a touch of folksy Pirates and the occasional Buble) and my microsoft pencil. Yep, this summer I've reverted back to writing longhand because at least then I'm getting some sun and fresh air. Funnily enough, the tan is coming on nicely - the sun is still hot enough when I finish work at 4pm to burn, as confirmed by a fifty-pence-sized spot by my left armpit where the sun-screen missed.

Only trouble is, between 10th May and 12th June, I scribbled 60 pages - at around 550 words per page, this meant about 33k words. I took a long weekend in Wales and managed to type up around 20k of them, but since then I've written another 18k - it's one of those Forth Bridge scenarios.

So I'm not exactly asking it to rain, but while it's sunny I cannot resist the pull of the fresh air. And when this is the view above your notebook, who can blame me?

Anyone know of a reliable voice-to-text app?

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