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"An enticing and intelligent romantic thriller" - Book Viral
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Fox Among Wolves: A Romance with Muscle ...
No, not that kind. There are some fit soldiers, but the muscle refers to the lean, mean writing style.

The last thing engineering student Ginny needs is a house full of strays - she has enough on her plate with her parents dead, her uncle in hospital, and the unhealthy attentions of her cousin. But she's made of sterner stuff and, quite frankly, she needs to be with what the universe (and the SAS) have planned for her.

"I love a good mystery, and this one left me guessing right until the very end." – SM Freedman, Author of The Faithful

"Fox is a great read and a fun ride. There may be a great supporting cast of male characters, but Ginny isn't some fainting heroine who can't handle herself." – JD Faulkner, Author of Mirrored Time

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