The fabulous Rebecca Sterling has created some cool ideas for Triple Jeopardy (see below), check out her website - she is a gifted artist and a dream to work with.

Fantasy Anthologies
Triple Jeopardy has been in the Amazon Bestsellers lists for Fantasy Anthologies.

These thought-provoking stories are available on Amazon UK for £2.42 and Amazon US for $4.12. This is not a lot for writing one reviewer described as "serious literature."

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Here is a little extract to give you an idea:

The door burst open and Janet and Mary came in, soaking wet and chattering. ‘There she is. You’re a sly old thing Chris, where have you been hiding that hunk?’
Mary spoke almost at the same time. ‘You never said he’d be there. In fact, you’ve never mentioned him at all.’
‘Oh, he’s just a lad who lives near me – we went to the same junior school.’ I tried to sound casual. I knew it would be all over the common room tomorrow.
‘If he’s got any friends, let us know.’ Mary winked.
When Danny sat next to me, I saw heads turn and ribs poked all the way down the bus. It seemed he was fully aware of it too.
‘Well that’s it then, there won’t be a still tongue in Hamdon Sixth tomorrow – boys or girls.’
‘You’ll have to sit somewhere else if you want to salvage your reputation.’
‘And miss out on the company of the best looking girl on the bus? No chance.’
I took my specs off and handed them to him. ‘I think you need these more than I do.’
He took them and turned my face toward him, saying seriously, ‘Let that be the last time I hear you putting yourself down.’
He examined the glasses with mock gravity, then pointed to a speck of dust saying, ‘Look there it is, this must be the special image distortion particle – most  girls who wear glasses have one of these – makes them think they’re ugly.’
I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. ‘Where did you grow that silver-tongue? Charm school?’
‘Years of watching other guys picking up pretty girls.’
‘Now who’s putting himself down?’
‘I’m just stating facts.’
‘Do you have a smart answer for everything?’
‘I don’t know, ask me another.’
‘Where have you been for the last five years?’
‘Waiting for you.’ He spoke in monotone, but his expression showed a yearning, and I knew instinctively that if we had been alone he’d have hugged me.
‘Isn’t that a line from a movie?’
‘Possibly. Oh God, Tina – Chris – I don’t even know what to call you. If you only knew how many times I’ve lived through this scene.’
He looked over at the two lads in the next seat who were unashamedly listening to every word. He moved a little closer and lowered his voice. ‘I want to be able to touch you – to hug away the hurt.’ He gulped and looked out of the window for a moment. ‘But I can’t do it here – not with all these eyes and ears. Will you come for a coffee with me? That is, I don’t know if ...’
‘Yes.’ You could have got a suntan from his smile. ‘And call me Tina – I could get to like it again.’
He understood the significance and squeezed my hand, just as the bus stopped.
‘Anyone want this end of town?’
We were the only ones needing a bus to Warmington, and as we stood up to go there were a few more nudges. Curiously, I found I had several friends wanting to “See you tomorrow Chris.” The boys joined in with, “Have a nice night Danny” and worse.

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Having seen the cover artwork choices, which one would you have chosen?

Here's some one-liners from Triple Jeopardy to whet your appetite.

Triple Jeopardy: Tina's Dilemma

What a contrast. Chloe was a sweet, obedient child – butter never got vaguely warm. But me? The scowl on my face said it all.

Justin: Tall, slim and obviously in charge. The sun raised highlights in his blond hair, giving him the appearance of a young Greek god.

Danny was vaguely familiar. Taller than me, dark haired and stocky, with spotty skin and a moody frown which made him appear tough.

Before the challenge was out, he leapt across the stream, knocking me to the ground. We rolled over as I struggled to fend off his punches.

Danny realised what was going on and pulled his mate off me shouting, “Stop it Justin, she’s a girl.”
“Doesn’t look much like one to me.”

In my dream, I was a slim, beautiful princess rescued by a prince. It wasn’t Justin, but a strong, handsome Danny who bent to kiss me.

As he pulled, I clenched my knees and trapped the panties, but not before he’d exposed my most private place. I thought I would die.

“He was so awful to you, and you refused to give in to him. Your courage gave me the strength to rebel.” Danny’s sadness snagged at my soul.

Triple Jeopardy: Teacher's Pet

His vibrant presence dominated the room. Vicky wondered what made him so charismatic. Not looks: long limbed, scrawny and untidy.

Panic clutched at her limbs, dried her mouth & constricted her throat. It must be her turn; she’d barely said a word since the first lesson. #teacherfear

Vicky lifted her head for a split second. His eyes sparkled maliciously. She felt blood rushing to her cheeks, acting as a red rag to a bull.

The boy in front whispered, ‘Who’s a clever girl?’ She just caught her childish tongue before it stuck itself out at him. #college #romance

“I can assure you; Dr Parr acted like a perfect gentleman. Which is more than I can say for you and your little band of … colleagues.” #icy

“You don’t like him do you?” “He’s not here to make friends or win popularity contests.” Vicky sensed more, but let it drop. #teacherenvy

“He’s my ideal man: Strong, intelligent, old-fashioned ...” Then, seeing his dejected expression, “… vain, arrogant, conceited and a bully.”

She shouted for help. He laughed nastily. ”You don’t need any help, you’re doing fine, and anyway, there isn’t a soul for miles.”

Triple Jeopardy: Date Rape

Cassie jumped as the doorbell grated out its demanding buzz. If there had been any wine in the glass, she’d be looking at a big red stain on the beige carpet right now. Damn you, whoever you are – please go before he gets here.

This was a bit too weird. She didn’t normally do weird without intoxicants. The half glass of wine didn’t count – it was still caught on the M25 of her under-nourished arteries – not even within shopping centre distance of her grey matter yet.

Again with the courtesy, holding the car door open while her legs refused to do the elegant sliding-into-the-seat thing actresses and models achieved with no effort.

“I’m sorry, that seat’s taken.” And even if it weren’t, you’re definitely not welcome.
“I know, I’ve just taken it,” he grunted, pleased with his own wit.

“Me an’ the boys fink you should ditch the college boy an’ come an’ have some fun wiv us.” Looking for all the lost d’s and th’s? #bikergang

Kent’s grin backed up his wry comment. “She certainly seems to be able to take care of herself; obviously went to the same self-defence class you did.”

Exactly what do you know about this guy you’ve invited back on the first date? And what is he going to think of you? The ugly voice badgered on. But she was asking for it, your honour, what else did she expect? #jeopardy

“Not yet.” Before she realised his intentions, he’d grabbed a handful of hair, trapping her as he took the victor’s spoils.

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